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My friend Aya lives in Kotzebue, Alaska, where he commercial fishes in July and August. He catches chum salmon, the salmon that migrates back to the Noatak River to spawn. In my opinion, fishing is a beautiful activity that's full of visual poetry: the unraveling of nets, the hoisting of salmon, the hovering birds. Footage of fishing doesn't need to be black and white to be captivating; I just happen to like how it looks. Also, this footage will appear in my feature documentary Almost an Island, and that will be in color, so these b&w internet previews are a way of keeping the source film clips protected until they appear in the final film. Poetry aside, fishing is incredibly hard work. The fishermen I know in Kotzebue go through physical pain 6 days a week so that they can live the life they want and so that you and I can eat salmon.

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