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Axel Peterson

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What happens when the Maiden of the High Sea is aboard your ship? Find out in this short film, where film maker Axel Peterson dives into the reality of spending a summer working in Alaska along side his sister, Dylan Peterson. From amazing wildlife scenery to the dramatic reality of working on a commercial fishing boat, the 'Maiden of the High Sea' is sure to leave you gripped to the edge of your seat : )

The Peterson family spends 4 long and tedious months of every summer commercial fishing for salmon in South East Alaska. As natural bums of the skiing variety, the pay off is traveling and skiing all winter. As a film maker, in addition to working as a deck hand, Axel Peterson documents the natural beauty and commercial fishing industry of Alaska each summer. This year, working with his talented youngest sister, Dylan Peterson, they worked together to produce the 'Maiden of the High Sea'.

We hope you and enjoy, and crack a smile!

Created, Directed, Filmed, & Edited by Axel Peterson

Starring Dylan Peterson

Narration and Creative Direction by Mandy Torgerson

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