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This is a short movie of halibut fishing aboard the Alsek. During the haul back fishermen rotated from the coiling station to the baiting table. When a skate was coiled it was brought back to the stern and baited. This kept the gear baited and ready to set. The man in the galley has just finished baiting a 'coffee' skate. Finishing early he had time for a mug up. Judging by the proximity of the bag and flag his next coiling turn was probably the buoy line. The roller station is complete with a knee kick for the gurdy control. This allowed the roller man to control the incoming line speed with his knees. The dressing method used to gut the halibut was made standard by the Deep Sea Fisherman's Union of the Pacific. That's old school. Today most of the young guys are learning and prefer the Kodiak style. The rollerman with the checked shirt is Ted Odmark of Ketchikan. He longline fished on the Alsek many seasons. Retired, Ted still makes his home in Ketchikan. This clip is courtesy of Ted's son Robert.

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