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F/V Sea Breeze Too is commercial fishing in Narragansett Bay, R.I. for Herring during January 2012. They make 3 tows and return to port. This video shows how everything happens on a real commercial fishing vessel. The crew set the birds into the water, the birds are weighted metal that extend off the outrigger to try to keep the vessel stable. Then they set the doors. The doors keep the net spread open. Then the net is reeled off. The net is used to catch the fish. This vessel is like 65 foot, so the nets tend to be small, due to the limits in horsepower. But, this video shows that you can use a technology to fish smarter not harder. The net master's at developed a larger net by reducing the drag by increasing the mesh size. Therefor requiring no more horse power, but achieving a bigger net. This along with the sensors located in the doors and cod end, maximize effort, while limiting the fishing time. The vessel sets the net then hauls it back. I had two hours of footage, but I edited only to reduce time. When the vessel hauls back you can see the catch as it comes out of the Cod End (bag), then it shows the herring on deck and as it enters the fish hold. I didn't show the vessel unloading, but normally with herring it is pumped out of the vessel. Enjoy!

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