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Taking photos and video in The Bering Sea was a risky and costly endeavour in the 80's, long before the TV networks came sniffing around. We destroyed four SLR Cameras in seven years taking pictures of what we were doing, while we were doing it. The salty environment was much too harsh for the equipment, no matter how much care we took. As in this video, when the subject matter was just too good to miss out on, we would sometimes nakedly expose the cameras to the sea environment to get what we wanted, literally destroying the cameras on the spot in the process. The VHS (!!) recorder used here was housed in some type of water resistant casing, but the state of such gear was pretty primitive in the 1980's and probably not that effective. I am sure these were amongst the final frames this video cam ever took. All in the name of recording our own freakish exploits! On this typical night, we were once again "grabbing just a few more pots" before heading into the lee of a nearby island to anchor up. Notice from 1:11 onwards that we are starting to make ice on the foredeck and in the webbing of the pots tied up on deck. Special thanks to Randy Eels for these memories.

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