The format is pretty simple here. Every year we scour the internet for commercial fishing related content. Thanks to our sister website, JuneauTek, for discovering some of those random video treasures. Videos can also be submitted to the site via a URL or direct upload. As for copywrite issues, most of our videos are hosted by other services like Youtube or Vimeo. Therefore, we are simply showcasing videos and are not responsible for any copywrite infringement issues. If a video is uploaded directly to the site, please be sure to have copywrite permission for the material you are submitting. So, the general rule of thumb is that the video must be uploaded to any public video forum during the past year, then in January we look back and find the best of the best. We are currently sifting through about 100 different videos for this seasons online awards show. The winning videos are determined by vote count from our site and the video hosting site, like Youtube. We also have a distinguished panel of fishermen that help to pick the final winner. The real key of the festival is to showcase the unique way of life while living at sea. Please enjoy the videos and any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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