Here’s the rest of the videos that will be looping all weekend in the fishermen’s lounge at the Pacific Marine Expo.

Dave Clark | Togiak Herring 2016 | Taste Of Sliver

HothBrothers | Moderately Dangerous Catch
Short documentary of Southeast Alaska summer salmon tending on the F/V Haida Chief.

Micheal Corl | Spring Longline 2016 F/V Obsession

Salmon | Wild Alaska

Transformational Fish from Wild Alaska on Vimeo.

Bristol Bay 2015 | Ian Vincent
This footage was taken during the 2015 and 2014 sockeye salmon commercial fishing seasons in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Kjell Peterson | Longlining F/V Pelican 2016
Commercial longline fishing Halibut & Black Cod in the Southeastern Gulf of Alaska on the F/V Pelican Spring 2016

Drew Perine | Behind The Wheel With Skipper, Mike Vlahovich
Master boat builder Mike Vlahovich, winner of the National Endowment of the Arts Heritage Fellowship award, discusses the importance of preserving the culture of commercial fishing families during a recent cruise from Tacoma to Gig Harbor on the historic purse seiner Commencement.

Johnny Rice | Bering Sea Crabbing Early 90s VHS
400 million pound quota. Wide open for months on end, and a 250,000 pound boatload in 24 hrs. It was still rodeo back then, so we fished rain/snow, sun or shine. Usually more rain/snow than sun & shine. Dramamine® recommended during the first trip. Copenghagen® not included.

Josiah Martin | Droning Over The Ocean
Flying my drone over the Pacific Ocean as my Aunt & Uncle left the harbor in their commercial fishing boat.

Hondarider91 | Jacolbe Seining 2015
Seining for pink salmon in Prince William Sound Alaska on the Jacolbe and Westerly Rose.

BreakTide Media | Salmon Fishing In Alaska
Seining Salmon out of Chignik, Alaska!

Grant Nicer | Surrender Salmon
Check out highlights from the 2016 Bristol Bay sockeye salmon season aboard the fishing vessel Surrender.

WorkSafe BC | History Of Commercial Fishing in BC
The major commercial fishery in B.C. began with the first canneries along the coast in the late 1800s. The work was hard and the money was good. It was also dangerous work and over the years many fishermen have been fatally injured. This video, produced with the B.C. Labour Heritage Centre, tells the health and safety story of this important industry and shares what is being done to make it safer for the men and women who fish today.

NOAA Fisheries | Journey To Sustainable Fisheries
How did the United States get to where it is today with sustainable fisheries? Through 40 years of the Magnuson-Stevens Act. U.S. fisheries include more than 470 fish stocks and stock complexes and are globally recognized as responsibly managed. Through a system of regional fisheries management councils, NOAA works with fishermen and partners to accomplish sustainable management of U.S. fisheries, which contribute over $100 billion each year to the U.S. economy and supports 1.8 million jobs.

Joshua Jarvis | Louie M Quick Edit
Louie M Purse sening for salmon in Southeast Alaska

Louie M quick edit from Josh Jarvis on Vimeo.

Persitm”s Channel | Wild Alaska Salmon And Seafood 2016

Wooden Mirror Pictures | Drifter’s Silver Season

Axel Peterson | Maiden Of The Sea
What happens when the Maiden of the High Sea is aboard your ship? Find out in this short film, where film maker Axel Peterson dives into the reality of spending a summer working in Alaska along side his sister, Dylan Peterson. From amazing wildlife scenery to the dramatic reality of working on a commercial fishing boat, the ‘Maiden of the High Sea’ is sure to leave you gripped to the edge of your seat : )
The Peterson family spends 4 long and tedious months of every summer commercial fishing for salmon in South East Alaska. As natural bums of the skiing variety, the pay off is traveling and skiing all winter. As a film maker, in addition to working as a deck hand, Axel Peterson documents the natural beauty and commercial fishing industry of Alaska each summer. This year, working with his talented youngest sister, Dylan Peterson, they worked together to produce the ‘Maiden of the High Sea’.
We hope you and enjoy, and crack a smile!
Created, Directed, Filmed, & Edited by Axel Peterson
Starring Dylan Peterson
Narration and Creative Direction by Mandy Torgerson

MAIDEN of the HIGH SEA from Bridger Brigade on Vimeo.

These are just a sampling of the videos on the website. Get your video unloaded soon! We will be announcing the best of the best right after the new year!

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