As the sun sets on another year of commercial fishing, the ComFishFilmFest is here to celebrate the best in independent video from the previous year of commercial fishing. In 2013, we had a ton of entries from diverse fisheries around the world. On the new website, you can easily jump from west coast seining to scallop trawling in Cornwall. So, what did we learn from this season's videos? Well, GoPro is here to stay and the footage keeps getting better. The level of production and technology that an individual can harness with today's DSLR cameras and editing software is impressive. We are currently involved in a transition from corporate fed media to expressive independent content that can be shared with the world instantly. Over 100 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute! So, the future is bright for the world of the Commercial Fishing Film Festival. We can't wait to see what the future holds with your help. Also, we are looking for volunteers for the Board Of Directors and we are always open to suggestions for our community.


Choosing only one winner is always difficult and I would like to thank everyone who uploaded video and voted this year. The new website is a great tool for curating video, so please continue to upload content as the commercial fishing seasons continue. Our most polished edits of the season showed us life aboard Bering Sea crabbers, salmon seiners, southeast gillnetters, Oregon Dungy crabbers, and even a tuna troller. So how do we choose just the best videos? Is is the shear number of internet votes or do we just pick them randomly out of a hat? Of course, it's hard to deny a videos number of likes on youtube, or it's social media revelance. The final votes from the staff are based on quality of content and orginality. The envelope please…

Honorable mention

Salmon Seining In Southeast Alaska | F/V Norsel


The timing and pace of this selection stuck in my mind all season. This is one of my personal favorites, because of the narration, polish, and original soundtrack. Great work from the crew aboard the F/V Norsel

ComFishFilmFest 2014 Runner-Up

Dungeness Crab 2013 | Eddie Hayes


In the past few years, Eddie Hayes has pumped out some amazing content on his Youtube channel, which ranges from special effects reels to original music videos. Its easy to see why this amazing edit deserves to be at the top! Keep 'em coming Eddie. Great work! Our runner-up will win a $500 dollar gift package from Grunden's!

ComFishFilmFest 2014 Winner

Winter At Sea | Travis Arket

Winter at Sea from Travis Arket on Vimeo.

Travis Arket, of Deadliest Catch fame, delivers an honest, emotional look at life aboard a Bering Sea Crab boat. You can almost feel your stomach lunge as the boat blasts through massive swells. The footage is super clean and the timing and pace are superb. Thank you Travis, for this beautiful piece of independent media. Check out more form Travis at The winner this year gets a $500 dollar prize package from Grunden's and a GoPro 3+ Package from ASMI Alaska! Thanks again to our amazing sponsors.


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