The interwebs are a buzz with a recent YouTube upload from Justin Hoyt, who manages to mesmerize us with an epic homage to Alicia Keys “No One.” Viewers are treated to a slushy dock dance sesh in beautiful Hoonah, Alaska. (I actually fished primarily out of Hoonah this past summer for the first time. It was nice to find another hidden treasure in southeast.) The video was hyped by aLos Angeles radio station and the rest is history. So far, the video has received about 90,000 views in the past couple of days and it’s sure to continue. Within further do, jam on…



Of course, there must be a few other gems in the ComFishFilmFest archives. Sure. How about some Dungy crabbing action off the west coast to Gangnam Style? Yep, we got that! Thanks to Thomas Bell for this gnarly edit. The weather isn’t exactly nice in this one, but it seems to go to the song perfectly.



For the gilnetters in British Columbia, the Herring Harlem Shake, is an easy fit to a very messy job. These guys really get into this jam. Scales! So many scales…



This list would be incomplete without an entry from our bro, Jason Crosby. While working on the Pillar Bay, Jason carved out a bloody masterpiece with “Red War.” This one is not for the faint of heart, but it does show the visceral nature of longlining for Halibut in Alaska. Hey, those fish arent gonna clean themselves… Warning! You may feel the urge to head bang to this one.



Rounding out our #SlayList is “Water Haul,” by longtime fisherman Brian Peterman. This hilarious edit was also shot by Jason Crosby. This one never seems to get old and brings a chuckle everytime. It’s awesome to see so many familiar faces from years back. See if you can spot your boat in this one. There are a ton of different boat shots in this edit.



There must be a few others out there. If not, there should be. Let’s get out there and make some “music video” type videos that jam. So, submit a few of your favorites, that we missed, or make some new ones. This is too much fun to not continue. So, what songs would work best for this type of video? (“Total Eclipse Of The Heart” is the song I might play with. Just imagine…)


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